Chaos isn’t fashionable. When digging through piles of tangled jewelry or just locating an odd shoe becomes a gamble, a fashion emergency is imminent. Don’t call 911, call me. 

Everyone's closet gets unruly. Believe me, my staff and I have seen it all. We can whip any mess into shape, or completely overhaul a disaster zone. 

Getting dressed with everything clean, mended, repaired, pressed and organized is a major part of your image. We’ll handle those details. The cool, calm confidence you’ll have when you approach your own fashionable utopia is invaluable. It will change the way you get dressed and that will change your life.


Have you ever walked into a store where racks and shelves flowed and made sense; you were able to imagine outfits you’d wear just by looking around? In perfect world, that’s how you would shop your own closet every day. 

When every rack, shelf and drawer are organized just for you, putting yourself together will be effortless. Leave the work to me and my assistants. I’d love to create fully functional closet, suited to your specific needs. You’ll be able navigate and access everything easily. Everyone has a method, some fashionistas start with the shoes, others prefer things to be arranged based on their go-to’s. 

Don’t be misled, fashion pairs well with function. I specialize in solutions. A working closet with matching hangers, clutter-free floors and innovative organization solutions is a vital basic for every season.

After my team and I have organized, modified and solved, you’ll shop your own closet like a boutique. Closet Zen will truly change the way you get dressed. 

-When you’ve moved or remodeled is the perfect time to start fresh. I love merchandising and settling a new closet, providing a new shopping experience entirely. 


When it’s time to swap out your wools for linens, boots for sandals, furs for sundresses, delegate it to a pro. 

Facing the dilemmas of what to store, what to wear, what to purge and where to put it all can be overwhelming each season. Seasonal rotations are not only a necessary task, they’re a great time to get your closet back in order. You may choose being on-site to supervise, or out of the way completely. Either way, my staff and I will sort and edit, organize and store, move and re-merchandise, so you’re excited about dressing (and shopping!) for the new season.