Founder and Lead Stylist

Whether you want to refine and define your unique style or completely transform your wardrobe, Karna will 

“Change the way you get dressed, change your life.”

Karna is based in Chicago and serves clients all over the U.S. and abroad.

Clients Say...

“Karna literally changed my life, from within my closet!"

I have a pretty big closet but it was out of control, clutter everywhere, clothes stuffed into shelves and drawers, shoes in boxes and mysteries in every corner. There was no judging, we walked through the mess and I explained what my life is like; busy with 2 teenagers, a ton of travel and a lot of events when we’re in town. First we did a major purge. Then, she told me to leave her with the chaos and wait for the big reveal.

The transformation took a couple days and it was amazing! She didn’t just organize, she solved everything. Karna talks about shopping in your own closet, now I get it. Now packing is easy because there’s a section just for things I take on trips. Dressing for nights on the town is simple because one corner is reserved for evening dresses and my dressy shoes and bags are right next to them. She put my jeans and work out things right up in front because I wear them every day and race out the door. She created an area for off season things too, so my winter clothes are out of the way and the rest can be switched in the fall. Karna also has tricks for everything, my boots don’t fall down anymore, my bags don’t flop over and new ways to hang thing has made tons of room. Most of all, I love how I can see and reach everything because it’s hanging, not shoved into drawers or shelves. It’s a boutique!

She moved shelves, rods, heaven and Earth and made everything fit. Now I'm wearing the things I have because they're on display. Karna changed the way I get dressed and it changed my life.

Annemarie Jones

Las Vegas, NV